Windiga offers general counselling on infrastructure project development of all types in West Africa and beyond.

Pre-feasibility Studies

Windiga can help your company to assess the feasibility of an energy infrastructure project. Specifically, Windiga can help with the reviewing of investment framework and conditions, Resources Study, preliminary design, comprehensive review of permits and authorizations, financial modelling, legal advice towards negotiation of PPA agreements, etc…

Political and Commercial Representation

Windiga can help or represent your company during initial development towards key stakeholders, ie. consular services, governmental agencies, Ministers and ministries, presidency, private firms, etc. Windiga will provision your company with our vast expertise in development to facilitate or entirely manage land and site acquisition, permits and licences procurement, contract negotiation, local incorporation, sub-contracting management, etc.

Environmental and Social Monitoring

Windiga can provide support or full management of your company’s environment and social governance (ESG) during the development  ie. the environmental and social impact assessment process, Equator Principle Action Plan, development and implementation of ESG management plans, etc…