Corporate Governance


We strongly believe that good corporate governance practices as well as corporate citizen stewardship are central to our success. Our Board of Directors has therefore built our mission and values around these keystone founding principles.

Without being a publicly listed entity, the corporation believes in adopting recognized corporate governance principles and practices. The Board is comprised of a majority of independent non-management members with extensive experience in public policy and governance of publicly traded corporations. Its members bring a strong financial know-how element and fully appreciate, backed by experience, the intricacies of operating in a very dynamic and challenging environment.

To reflect our commitment, we have adopted a modern and extensive internal code of ethics coupled with a supplier code of ethics as well as an anti-corruption and compliance policy in line with the most recent legal and enforcement standards.

We believe that in order for our governance model to be effective, it has to be clear and dynamic in its structures and procedures in order to adapt to the international aspect of our business. Accordingly, our Board will continue to monitor and review internal as well as recognized international practices while giving consideration to the long term interest of our stakeholders and the corporation.