20 MW AC

33 million kWh / year

IDC Energy

25 Years

2015: Financing and permitting
2015: Construction
2016: Operations

The project itself consists of building a 20 MW ground mounted solar plant connected to the national grid. The concept of the project is based on a proven PV technology which has long term experience in the similar conditions such as Arizona, Spain and other areas with hot and dusty conditions. Windiga Energy has capitalized on its acquired experience from other projects in order to minimize risks for lenders and investors as well as other stakeholders such as the local governments by offering a reliable, renewable and sustainable source of energy.

The project is developed with the objective to reduce the socio-environmental impact to ensure full acceptance by the local population and Government authorities as well as meeting the objectives of the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum. The solar plant will be located in a low electricity access area where the proximate villages and towns have a limited electricity access range of only 30%, which also represents a great potential for rural electrification in the surrounding areas;